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    Dual-control wireless DC electric blanket

    Rated Power:

    Input Voltage:110V/220V


    Size:150*210cm    190*210cm
    Color:Milk White,Brown
    ?     Innovative and smart technology.
    ? DC isolation: replace the traditional 110V / 220V AC power into DC 36V safe voltage which makes the user away from electromagnetic radiation  and electric shock.
    ? Wireless remote control: replace the traditional mechanical temperature control to wireless remote control, as far as control distance up to 10 meters, and has two-way signal transmission function, easy to operate remote intelligently.
    ? Accurate temperature control: electric heating thermostat function by having a 10-segment, fully meet the needs of different groups use
    ? Safe,pleasant.
    ? Security: with over-temperature protection, over-current protection and central microprocessor system failure protection, safe and secure, and has 12 hours power-time protection function.
    ? Comfortable:feel good, the user will not feel the internal electric wire.
    ? Fashionable, convenient and practical.
    ? Fashionable: comfortable fabrics, various styles, optional to customers.
    ? Convenient and practical: high-end fabrics, innovative products, can be wanshed by hand or machine. 
    ? Versatility: electric heating is available to cover , and easy to carry, suitable for worldwide voltage and save energy.